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Bed Wetting Alarm - Dri Sleeper Eclipse

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  • Perfect for night-time potty training or regressive bed wetting
  • Wireless sensor for ease of use
  • Safe: Made of conductive plastic, rather than metal moisture sensors like other alarms
  • Small, light, and comfortable moisture sensor
  • Discreet when worn, ideal for older children
  • Loud alarm for even the deepest of sleepers

No stress, no mess, just more rest. Make night-time potty training a breeze with our DRI Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm which wakes you up when you are wet. Kids love this alarm because it is bright, colourful & wireless. Parents love that it’s easy to use & clean, made from quality materials and above all, it works!

This bedwetting alarm trains the brain to teach your child to associate the sensation of a full bladder with the need to wake up. Made in NZ and recommended by medical professionals and doctors from around the world. Its advanced metal-free Urosensor™ means no skin irritation and its compact design makes it comfortable to wear and easy to clean. With a range of 11 metres, you can place the alarm near your child’s bed, or for deep sleepers it can help if the alarm is with the parents

All it takes is 4 easy steps:

  1. Place the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse alarm unit next to the bed
  2. Prepare a minipad for the Urosensor by making a pocket in the absorbent layers by either cutting a 25mm (1 inch) slit in the absorbent layers with a pair of sharp scissors or cutting the top off the minipad. With the point of the scissors create a pocket for the Urosensor™ to slide into.
  3. Remove the Urosensor™ from the alarm cradle and insert in the minipad with the black sensing strips facing your child’s crotch.
  4. Stick the minipad into the crotch of your child’s underwear making sure that the Urosensor™ is near where the urine will be passed (NB: different placement for boys & girls)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 104 reviews
      Ashley Herbert
      Working so far

      Product works as described. Delivery was quick.


      Our 6yr old boy always wore pull-ups every night and every morning woke up wet. So glad we got the bed wetting alarm, we tried it for the first few weeks with a pull up on and it's really taught him when he needed to go. A bit over a month later he is now in jocks and waking up before the alarm goes off. He is so pleased with himself. We are so happy we tried this it has been totally worth it such a great product! Thank you.

      Brigette McGregor-Macdonald
      So far so good!

      Have been using the Sri Sleeper Eclipse since it arrived two weeks ago. The instruction manual is great with some good ideas to get started and helpful hints and trouble shooting- which we’ve had to use at least once. It took some getting used to but our 7 year old is now waking to the alarm. Happy days. We've had a couple of false starts with moisture from sweat detected but wrapping the device in a bit of tissue paper seems to have sorted that (advice from the manual). Only one urine-related-wet incident so far and fortunately the alarm woke our 7 year old quickly to get up and get sorted.

      Marc S
      Works WHEN it works - but is inconsistent

      I waited to write this review until we’ve used this for a few weeks so it can be as accurate as possible. For context- my child is just turned 4 and a very deep sleeper. No issues in waking, but she’ll sleep through an accident. It normally happens between 10.30 and 1am - all the other ‘tricks’ didn’t work.
      We have done all the priming and prep - all the practice. Nightly reminders. We’ll have a few great nights where she is reacting well and all is on track. Alarm will go off, she races to the toilet. It’ll all seem great and we’ll get a few dry nights where it seems to be working. Then- we’ll have two/three nights where it doesn’t go off at all and it’s like starting from scratch. We’ve also had ‘false alarms’ where it goes off from her being hot (which I’ve assumed is residue moisture). The worst part is when it doesn’t go off she wakes hours later in wet cold wee.
      I’ve checked everything, tried all the resets etc. but getting very frustrated with the lack of consistency of the alarm.
      Given it clearly works as a method WHEN the alarm work I’ll probably have to use a different brand. Disappointed given the cost at the patchy quality and response.


      Unfortunately we are finding the alarm doesn’t always sound when our child wets.

      Mama Hannah
      Worked for us!

      This worked brilliantly for our 8yo. Took less than a week to have dry nights and her confidence has skyrocketed!