Thinking of joining the Brolly Sheets Family?

Brolly Sheets design and manufacture a wide range of products which are all washable and in the majority, waterproof. We believe in buying once and buying well.

We supply both products in three main areas:

1. Toilet training - from our flagship Brolly Sheet bed pad with wings, day time potty training pants, car seat protectors and more

2. Special needs / seniors. Brolly Sheets are absorbent enough for adults as well as kids, plus we have chair pads and seat protectors

3. General Home – you can’t go past our fitted mattress and pillow protectors – great for every bed in your home or holiday home. Say goodbye to stained, manky pillows! .

We believe in ethical manufacturing

Our Chinese team is paid for the hours they work, (not by piece which means frazzled workers and more quality issues), just like our team here at home.  The factory is well lit with plenty of room and is in a small village. This means our team in China can go home each night to their families (most factories are in big cities where the workers live on site and only travel home twice a year). Read more on our factory here:

Brolly Sheets waterproof bed pads are made in an ethical factory

Do you want to stock products that are high quality and with a very low faults rate?

The Cotton we use for our Brolly Sheets is made in one of the top 3 mills in China. We believe in using quality raw materials for products that will last. Check out our cotton mill here:

We are a family

I made my first bed pad with wings (Brolly Sheet) when my oldest was 3 and sleeping in a bottom bunk. I used to hit my head on the top bunk every night when stripping her whole bed. I thought there had to be a better way, so I got out my sewing machine and came up with an idea. I then started making for friends and family and in 2006 set up a company.

BrollY Sheets head office team

We have a great team both at Head Office and our factory in China. If you are interested in becoming a Brolly Sheets stockist, please fill out this form and email it through to

Please click here to download our registration of interest form.