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How Brolly Sheets treats your personal data and privacy.

On the 25th of May 2018, the European Union (EU) introduced new regulations which protect the rights of EU citizens and their personal data.  The regulations are called General Data Protection Rules (GDPR).    Personal data is broadly defined in the GDPR. Personal data is any information relating to a person who can be identified either directly or indirectly and includes such information as; a person’s name, address, email, their image or voice recordings and their IP address when they visited our website.  

There are other types of information defined as personal data which Brolly Sheets UK has no interest in, for example financial (Earnings and Credit) information, political, Sexual religious or ethnic background. The idea behind the GDPR is that individuals should be able to determine when and how their personal data is used and stored by organisations.  It is a requirement that information provided to individuals about how Brolly Sheets collects and uses personal data needs to be in clear and easy to understand language.  The requirements cover the following areas;

  • The reason why data is collected
  • The method which consent to collection and holding of personal data.
  • What data is collected
  • How long we retain the collected data for.
  • Withdrawing your consent for data to be held
  • Transferring personal data to another organisation
  • What you can expect in the event that security in place around data is breached


Why Brolly Sheets UK requires personal data? There are a couple of reasons why Brolly Sheets Collects personal data: to complete a purchase of products by customers and we also offer the opportunity to subscribe to our mailing lists.

  1. Purchasing: - When you purchase a product from Brolly Sheets UK you have the opportunity to create or use an account, which means that personal information is stored (for use in future purchases) or to check out as a guest. In both situations the data that you provide is held on our website. This data will be subsequently transferred to our accounting system and to our warehouse partners so your order can be shipped. 
  2. Enquiries: - From time to time customers raise enquiries with us via email or the website enquiry function. These types of contact result in us storing record of the contact in our email systems.
  3. Mailing Lists: - In addition to when you make a purchase, Brolly Sheets UK also offers you the opportunity to join our mailing lists. While your name and email address are collected through our website and transferred to another system (Mailchimp) for communication purposes.

You have the option of being unsubscribed from a mailing list by emailing us with an unsubscribe request or clicking on the link on any newsletters we send.   


 Consenting to your information being held.

In the past when you provided your information, organisations did not always give you a method to indicate your agreement to your information being held, or “pre-ticked” the box to express consent on your behalf.  GDPR requires that you are given in plain language, an explanation of what is being consented to, and that you are required to select something yourself to indicate your acceptance. 

Please note that we will only use the information that you provided, for the purpose that you provided it.  We will not supply your information to other organisations.


What data does Brolly Sheet UK collect. 

In the case of a purchase of a product from Brolly Sheets UK, we need to know, who you are, where you would like your purchase to be delivered, an email address to provide you with information about the progress of your order. A telephone number to contact you if there is a problem with delivery or for other service issues.  This information is passed to our warehouse and will be further supplied to a delivery company. 

In the case of subscription to our mailing list.  We collect your name, email address.

Where you contact us to raise a service issue, we require a description of the issue and may contact you for further details.  For example, an alternate delivery address if the courier company has not been able to contact you.

To enter a competition, we clearly state that a condition of entry is that we will add your data to our mailing list.  You can opt out at any time.  


How long does Brolly Sheets retain information for? 

GDPR requires that organisation only store personal for the purpose that it was collected for. 

Information that is provided to us through the purchase process is retained to support our financial accounting purposes.  We may be required in the future to produce our sales records for VAT reporting, or if we are audited for example. We keep our financial records for 7 years for this reason as part of our tax / accounting obligations.  Subscriptions to our mailing lists are open-ended.   


Withdrawing your consent for data to be held

GDPR gives you the right to withdrawing your consent for us to hold your information. You can advise us that you no longer wish us to hold any or all of your information.  We will assess all of our systems to determine what information is held on systems and whether any information is required to maintain our financial records.  Where your information is not required to maintain our financial records, we will either delete your information or is this can not be achieved, we will replace your personal information with a substitute (such as XXXXXXX).


GDPR also provides the right to you; to request all of the information that we hold on you in any of our systems.  We are required to provide this information back to you in a format that can be read by a machine or uploaded into another system.


Transferring personal data to another organisation

We do our utmost to choose partners that have the highest standards of protection for Brolly Sheets data maintained on their systems.  If there is a breach of data protection GDPR requires that we let you know as soon as possible.  We are also required to let the regulators know as soon as possible (within 72 hours) after the breach is discovered.


Please feel free to contact Glenn Hawes, who is our Director responsible for Brolly Sheets Group privacy policies.  Glenn can be reached on +64-9271-2142 or


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