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Pets Buying Guide

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Pets Buying Guide

I have a Poodle Cross called Billy and I hated the smell of his dog beds after a few months.  The beds that said washable, meant hand wash, the others had to the thrown out.  I don’t even hand wash my own clothes, let alone Billy’s bed.  So I decide to use my knowledge of waterproof fabrics and make my own and I discovered the waterproof lining does stop that manky dog smell from getting into the inner cushion. 

Some of our customers use our pet products for elderly pets that leak, whilst the majority use them for healthy fit dogs that like to run in the rain, slobber, or just moult.  We have products that will protect your bed, their bed, your furniture, or your car. Whether you need an easy change, washable, waterproof dog bed or a placemat to put under a water bowl, we have practical solutions for your best mate

Pet Bed Pad

Do you share your bed, couch, the car with your 4 legged mate?  Keep your furniture and bedding free of fur, dust, and dirt with our attractive one-metre square Pet Pads


  • Perfect for pets that often get dirty or shed
  • Great for older dogs who sleep on the bed but are incontinent
  • Big enough for larger dogs
  • Completely absorbent and waterproof 



Pet Place Mat

Our waterproof placemats will soak up any spills leaving your floors clean and dry.  Our placemats are square – and double-sided and come in several colours.


  • Perfect for droolers and sloppy eaters
  • Keeps your floor dry from spilled bowls
  • Can double as a chair pad



Pet Car Seat/Couch Cover


Our waterproof dog car seat covers and couch covers keeps your car and furniture clean, dry and smelling great! Easy to care for, warm and comfy to sit on pets love them as much as we do!


  • Bigger than our chair pads, so perfect for bigger couches/dogs
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Can be used in the backseat of your car
  • Can even protect your seats from your children's spills



Pet Waterproof Sheet

Our waterproof sheets have been specially designed to protect large items of furniture. Simply drape the soft sheet over the top of your bed, sofa, carpet or car seat. It is fantastic at capturing that annoying cat fur or dog hair and stopping muddy paws in their tracks! When your pet sheet is not in use, simply fold it up and pop it away till next time.


  • 260x 200 so can cover your entire couch or bed
  • Waterproof
  • Protect your bed from pet fur