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How to Survive a Car Journey With Your Kids

  • 3 minute read
Free tips to keep you same travelling with kids

Free tips on travelling with kids

Staying sane and long car journeys with kids don’t often appear in the same sentence. From complaints, tantrums, multiple toilet stops and lots of fights, even the thought of it’s enough to drive anyone completely crazy! But it’s ok, because along with our waterproof car seat protector, we have plenty of fantastic tips to help your sanity remain intact!

Using Our Waterproof Car Seat Protector & Other Tips on Car Trips with Kids 

With everything bar the kitchen sink, you’ve got more than enough snacks to feed the troops. Everyone has visited the lavatory, the seat-belts and the waterproof car seat protector are on, and you’re off! Oh, hang on. Nope, you can’t leave as someone is bursting to wee, teddy has been left behind and you need to check you turned the oven off.  You begin to doubt you’ll ever leave home and certainly wish you were staying home with a nice cup of tea instead.

However, long car trips are not always avoidable and you need to know the best ways to cope. Here are our top tips on retaining your sanity and patience when travelling in a car with your kids:

  • Check out our free car trip downloads for your kids to play on the way.
  • Mess will thrive! – bring a large amount of baby wipes, paper towels or wipes in the car with you. A plastic bag for rubbish and a change of clothes and training pants are also must haves.
  • Use a kid’s car seat protector to catch any drink spills, leaky nappies or  accidents. Whipping one of these out from under your wet child (and replacing with a dry one) keeps you in control of what can be a stressful situation and your car smelling good too!
  • Don’t forget the snacks – pack plenty of snacks in individual resealable containers for your kids. You might not have noticed the large number of cafes and fast food restaurants when you’re driving, but your kids will!
  • Bring your laptop or iPad – great for both games and movies. As long as the driver can’t see it, the iPad can be positioned within eyesight of the back seat passengers.
  • Bring the toys – pack a bag or a box with favourite toys and a few new ones. When your kids are getting grumpy, have them pick something from the box to achieve some peace and quiet for a few minutes.
  • Use an I Spy Bag – filled with little treasures to find in amongst lots of beads or rice, this is a great busy activity for car trips.
  • Plan your stops – when travelling on car trips with little kids, plan on stopping around once an hour. Stopping at playgrounds, swimming pools and even libraries lets them stretch their legs and give your kids some much needed fresh air. You may even luck out and they sleep after a break too!

Yes, it’s challenging, but when you’re prepared, traveling with kids in the car is much easier! Don’t forget your waterproof car seat protector though!

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