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What Exactly is a Dream Wee?

  • 3 minute read
What is a Dream Wee?

You may be sitting there thinking what in the world is a dream wee? A dream wee isn't peeing in a dream and waking up with a wet bed. Although I do recommend not using the toilet in your dreams, its a trap best avoided! 

No, a dream wee is technique used by some parents to help get their children successfully night time toilet trained. The dream wee method isn't universal and has its fair share of doubters. Ultimately toilet training comes down to what works best for both you and your child, you may find a dream wee method is right for you.

How Does The Dream Wee Method For Toilet Training Work?

In basic terms a dream wee is when you lift your child in the night and take them to the toilet.   

The idea is to take your child to the toilet so they can do a wee which can help until their bladder learns to hold on longer, or sends signals to the brain to wake up. Many parents find that there child wont stay dry for the night so to help them remain dry they get their child to do a dream wee. They will often lift the child up out of there bed at around 10pm or whenever you as a parent are going to bed, pop them in the toilet and have them do their business. 


Common Problems You May Face With A Dream Wee

Waking up your kid mid sleep can be a dangerous game some children simply do not respond well to being woken up. There are a few things you can do to help your child if they do go nuts while trying to implement dream wees.

Do all the undressing in the bed before you lift your child. Doing this will help keep them asleep. You may also want to make the trip from bed to toilet in relative darkness that way your child is less likely to wake.

You may find that your child just isn't ready yet. If you aren't having much success with getting your child to do a dream wee it might be worthwhile trying again in a month or two. You can read our blog here to see if your child is ready to start night time toilet training. 


Arguments Against Dream Wees

Like most things when it comes to toilet training not all techniques are agreed upon. Dream wees can be somewhat controversial with some parents saying that its actually worse for the kids. The other school of thought says that the child needs to be fully awake and conscious so their brain is able to learn and be triggered correctly. Some parents arent a fan of this method because all they find it achieves is irritating their kid and having them scream for the next hour because they have been woken up.

At Brolly Sheets we believe its important to hear both sides of the stories and see what works best for you and your child. The goal is to get your child toilet trained so whatever method works for you is the best. With that said generally we wouldn't recommended a dream wee method until you have tried some other less controversial methods. Our Night Time Training Academy is a seven day email series that offers you top tips and tricks to help get your child dry at night.

We recommend you evaluate both choices and see what works best for both of you. Night time training can be made easier though with our Brolly Sheets if your child happens to wet in the night the rest of the bed will stay dry and you wont need to strip the entire bed. This will help you and your child both get back to sleep much faster and less washing for you!