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Sleeping Bag Liners – The Sleepover Saviour

  • 3 minute read
Sleeping Bag Liners – The Sleepover Saviour

A sleeping back with navy blue linerWhen your kids reach a certain age, it is natural for them to want to explore the world that bit more, push their boundaries and develop a greater sense of independence.

While this can be a slightly anxious thing for parents, that trepidation is increased if your child is still struggling with bed wetting. 

Sleeping in somebody else’s home, or your own home if you are hosting a sleepover, has the potential to be a lot of fun for your child. But if they have an accident in their sleep, this could be problematic if the right things are not in place.

The effects of bedwetting in front of friends goes beyond that initial discomfort or need to clean up. Your child could become anxious about staying away from home, or their self-esteem could be negatively affected.

Thankfully there is a great solution to this issue – sleeping bag liners. At Brolly Sheets we have an excellent sleeping bag liner option available to buy. 

So in our latest blog, we wanted to take a look at the benefits of sleeping bag liners and give you all the information you need to make a positive decision for you and your child.


How do sleeping bag liners work?

A diagram showing how the Brolly Sheets sleeping bag liner works

As the name suggest, sleeping bag liners sit within a sleeping bag and add a layer of protection between your child, the sleeping bag and beyond. 

Though there are different options on the market, the sleeping bag liners we stock at Brolly Sheets are made from two layers of cotton jersey. These are bonded together with a waterproof membrane in the middle.

In terms of weight and comfort, our sleeping bag liners are approximately the weight of a flannelette sheet. They measure 170cm x 70cm. 

These liners are small enough to fit inside most child-sized sleeping bags, offering a really handy protective option.

But you are wondering what happens if your child has an accident, aren’t you? Well, the liner will prevent liquids from reaching the sleeping bag itself. This will remain the case if your child wets up or ‘wraps themselves around’. 

Additionally, the sleeping bag liner is good in case of spillages outside the sleeping bag, or if lying on wet ground. Your child will remain protected and will not be exposed to the liquid outside. 


Buy Sleeping Bag Liners from Brolly Sheets

As part of our waterproof bed protection and night time toilet training collections, we have an excellent sleeping bag liner product for you to purchase.

Available in white and navy blue shades, these products are waterproof rather than absorbent. They can make a real difference to your child’s sleep in a sleeping bag, providing peace of mind and hopefully helping them move towards making every night a dry night.

Be sure to read the reviews of this product, while this video has all the information you need to know.

We have many more items that may be of interest. Mattress protectors, bed pads and dryer balls could all be of use, so be sure to browse through all the choices in our online store.

Check our shipping and delivery options too, and if you have any questions, simply contact the Brolly Sheets team.