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My child has started wetting the bed again - What to do

  • 4 minute read
My child has started wetting the bed again - What to do

When toilet training your child for night times, expect some ups and downs. It can be a journey that is quick for some and longer for others, and there can be some good spells and some not so good spells.

You want to reach a stage where your child makes good progress and has an extended spell of dryness. The ideal is for this not to be just a spell, but to become the norm.

If you feel your child has reached this stage, but then they start to wet the bed again, this can be really frustrating. It’s frustrating for you and it’s frustrating for the child, who may be confused or feel guilty about what is happening.

So if your child has started wetting the bed again, here are a few things worth doing.


Talk to your child

If you have a 5-year-old wetting the bed, or a 6-year-old still wetting the bed, then it’s worth speaking to them and seeing if there is something going on that could be behind the restart.

As is well known, stress and anxiety can have a big effect on our wellbeing. This is as true for 5 and 6 year olds as it is for 35 and 36 years olds.

If something is happening in their lives, then bedwetting could be a side effect of what they are feeling. The trigger might be obvious, and if it’s something like moving home or starting a new school, then with time this can ease as the child becomes more accustomed to what’s going on during their day.

However, if there is no obvious trigger, then try to find out if there is something that may be underlying this change. Talking to your child and asking if they have any worries or problems which they might not have shared with you is worthwhile.

It may also be worth speaking to their teacher or childminder to see if there is anything that could be behind the change.

If there is, then finding a solution and making your child feel more relaxed and at ease could have the desired result when it comes to nighttime dryness as well.

Get in good habits

A bed within a child’s bedroom space

Sometimes nighttime bed wetting can just come out of the blue, so it’s worth revisiting some of the basics of securing a dry night and seeing if problems have slipped in this way.

Limiting the drinking of liquids in the evening is a good thing to do, and encouraging your child to drink more during the day to prevent thirst later can work wonders.

Looking at your child’s bed times to ensure they are not getting too little sleep, and therefore sleeping too deeply to wake up when they need to, is also worthwhile.

Also look to create a soothing and pleasant environment for your child to sleep in, and be supportive of your child. If they feel shame or guilt for starting bed wetting again, that could well elongate the problem.


See a Doctor

If your 5-year-old is wetting the bed again or you are seeing bedwetting at age 6 when you thought these days were long gone, there is a chance that this is a symptom of another condition.

In a very small number of cases, restarting bedwetting could be a sign of infections, diabetes, or problems with the kidneys or bladder.

We should stress that while only around of 1% of children who restart bedwetting have an underlying issue that causes it, if you fear this could be the case then look to consult with a healthcare professional as soon as you can.


Protect your bedding

A duvet protector from Brolly Sheets

One thing you should certainly look to do if bedwetting starts again is protect your bedding. This can help bring you and your child peace of mind, and prevents damage to mattresses, duvets and sheets.

Brolly Sheets specialises in providing the kind of products that can make a really big difference when it comes to bed protection. Our night time toilet training range contains products like mattress protectors, waterproof sheets, duvets protectors and pillow protectors.

These, as well as our Brolly Sheets product, can help keep everything protected until the issue at hand is solved!

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