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Choosing Cot Bed Sheets For Easy Cleaning

  • 4 minute read
Choosing Cot Bed Sheets For Easy Cleaning
The need to keep our little ones safe and secure is always paramount. This extends to bed times too of course, with cots playing an important role in providing that safe space.

As much as we love them, babies have limits. This means protecting the materials that comprise a cot area is a wise move. There’s an easy chance of spillages and unwanted liquids making their way onto the sheets and mattresses of your child’s cot. So preventative measures are sensible given the circumstances.

At Brolly Sheets, we specialise in providing products that protect and maintain a happy and healthy sleep environment for your infant. In our latest blog, we talk you through our cot bed sheets and the benefits of adding some of these to your own collection of nighttime materials.

Why your cot needs protection

For most parents, the decision for your child to sleep in a cot is taken at around the six-month mark. With high walls that ensure your child remains in the same space, this is a transitional stage before making a move to a proper bed – usually at around 18 months to 2 years old.

This period in your child’s life is of course prior to them being night time toilet trained (unless you have an exceptional case on your hands!) That means there is a high risk of accidents happening and the materials that comprise your cot becoming unclean and in need of regular changing. Having a suitable solution available to prevent this kind of problem becoming too major is therefore required.

How Brolly Sheets can help

Since our inception, Brolly Sheets has worked to help solve difficulties faced by people when toilet training their child.

In the cot stage, we have developed products that place a layer of protection between your child and the surface on which they sleep. This helps prevent avoidable damage from leaky nappies, spills or baby dribbles.

The Brolly Sheet bears the brunt of any unwanted spillages and it is the product itself that needs washing, rather than the mattress or cot bed. Doing this is easy and straightforward, meaning in 30 seconds things can go from wet to dry and you have that safe space for your child once again.


The Brolly Sheets range

Brolly Sheets offers bed pads that are able to play the important role of protecting the cot mattress. We also have our patented Brolly Sheets product – the product which we are best known for – which is ideally suited for cots. This item can be easily put in place, taken off and washed as needed. It comes with wings for extra sheet stability, which is perfect for any wriggly sleepers.

Our Brolly Sheets product and our  bed pads are quick and easy to change in the night in case of an accident where the mattress gets wet.

These single sheets should be placed on top of the bottom sheet, with the wings tucked in and your child to sleep on top. This means the mattress is protected, while your child can still enjoy a high level of comfort.

Our Brolly Sheets bed sheets also come in a range of different colours and designs, which makes them fit seamlessly into the overall look of your child’s bedroom.

They are also easy to take away with you, allowing Brolly Sheets to be your go to travel cot sheet choice as well.

Additionally, our range contains products like night time training pants and pillow protectors, while the full Brolly Sheets collection is worth looking through to see if there is anything else that may work for you and your child.


Help you and your child get a good night’s sleep

A child sleeping

Trust Brolly Sheets and our years of experience in creating bed wetting solutions to make life a hell of a lot easier for everybody involved.

Whichever product you feel is best suited to your situation, we recommend buying a few of them in order to have a rotation. This means you will always be able to change a wet sheet with a dry, like-for-like replacement.

Be sure to browse our online store, and take a look at our handy buying guides as well.

You can also find out more about how our sheets are made, and read our guarantee. Take a look too at our delivery options, and if you have questions, simply contact the Brolly Sheets team. We will be happy to help!