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How to Protect Your Home and Car From Your Child’s Mess

  • 3 minute read
How to Protect Your Home and Car From Your Child’s Mess

While our children can bring us so much love and joy, they can also create mess and have a lot of accidents! From having to clean up tummy bugs, to bedwetting accidents, food, and drinks spills, being a parent is exhausting sometimes. That’s why we created our  Bed Pads to protect your car, furniture and home from the accidents and mess kids cause! They are designed to make your life a whole lot easier so you’re able to deal with accidents on the go or when unexpected sicknesses come up.

We have listed our favourite versatile ways you can use our  Bed Pads down below.

Looking for the perfect solution for accidents on the go while you’re travelling on a road trip or on the plane? Our  Bed Pads are the perfect item to take away with you if your child is toilet training or sick unexpectedly.

Just simply place it over your car’s seats, hotel furniture or hotel bedding to protect against wee accidents and gastro bugs. They fold up nice and easy in your suitcase or even your handbag! 

Our  Bed Pads are great for protecting your home and furniture against accidents and food and drinks spills. This will save you so much stress from having to scrub out the stains on your couch and save your sanity! Just simply place down our  Bed Pad on the couch when your kids are watching TV with their snacks, and you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting ruined.

If you have a baby, our  Bed Pads can also be great for nappy free time and tummy time. If you are concerned about your baby breathing in all the dust and germs from the carpet, then you can lay down one of our  Bed Pads to avoid this. Plus, they are super comfy for your little one made with a 100% soft cotton top! These also work great as a change mat to give your little one comfort and protect your carpet and change table from mess.

Tired of giving your child the sick bowl when they’ve come down with a stomach bug? Or maybe you are just over those bedding changes in the middle of the night when your child comes down with an unexpected sickness. To save your sanity, we highly recommend using our  Bed Pads for your child’s bedding at night, in the car or furniture so you don’t need to worry when gastro or tummy bugs hits your household. Similar to our  Brolly Sheet with Wings, our  Bed Pads have a 100% waterproof backing that’s quiet and breathable. They hold up to 2L of liquid so you can be confident in knowing no accidents will leak through. Say goodbye to soaking your children’s sheets or trying to get those stains out of the furniture. Just simply pop our  Bed Pad in the washing machine and it will be good as new!

We hope our recommendations of the different ways you can use our  Bed Pads have helped give you some ideas on how you can protect your home and furniture from the mess children bring! There are so many ways you can use our  Bed Pads which make them the handiest item in your house, especially if you are on the go travelling. For more helpful products for toilet training and furniture protection, check out our range  here.