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Toddler training pants - The easy next step from nappies

  • 3 minute read
Toddler training pants - The easy next step from nappies

A child wearing Brolly Sheets’ toddler training pants

When toilet training, there are a few important milestones to reach and celebrate with your little one.

A major one is the transition out of nappies. This is big for both toddlers and parents, and can be a real relief for both parties.

But while moving out of nappies is a big step, it doesn’t mean things are done and dusted just yet. There may well still be the occasional hiccup. While they are hopefully fewer and further between, when they do happen it’s good to be prepared.

This is where toddler training pants can come into their own. These are not too far removed from the ‘real thing’, while still offering protection in case of an accident.

In the latest Brolly Sheets blog, we take a look at what toddler training pants offer.


What are the benefits of toddler training pants?

Toddler training pants – also referred to as potty training pants – are a natural transitional step from nappies and towards being fully toilet trained.

They can be worn during the day or at night, and help alleviate some of the anxiety that parents and children may feel when moving out of nappies.


How do toddler training pants work?

Toddler training pants are made from cotton but have a soft waterproof panel. They look and feel like underwear but let your youngster feel wetness if they do have an accident. This means they can let you know what’s going on easily.

The design of these pants means that while they in many respects feel and look like pants, they protect your floors and furniture in case of a problem arising.

Essentially, while your toddler’s brain is adjusting to recognising the signs they need the toilet, these pants provide support to help make that happen.

They should only be used after a steady period of nappy training and when both you and your child are sure that the next step is there to be taken. The real boon with these pants is that they offer the peace of mind that even if things don’t go as planned, a real disaster will be averted.

These pants can be worn during the day and at night, helping to offer an extra bit of protection from bed wetting. They can be worn towards the end of night time toilet training when there is a high level of confidence from both toddler and parent (if there are still concerns, take a look at our waterproof bed protection range).


What does Brolly Sheets have available?

Brolly Sheets has toddler training pants available to buy via our online shop. With options in a range of sizes and colours, it is easy to find those perfect pants for your child. They come at a great low price and can make a real difference.

Be sure to take a look through the Brolly Sheets range today and find that perfect buy for you and your child.

Take a look too through our size guide and FAQs, and we also have a dedicated help and advice section that’s worth a glance at.

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Brolly Sheets team.