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How to use Reward Charts when Potty Training

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How to use Reward Charts when Potty Training

Potty Training (or Toilet Training as other countries refer to it) is a major step in a toddlers life, but an even bigger step in a parents life!

No more Nappies!

The benefits are multiple, no more spending money on nappies, kerching! No more dirty nappies to change! No more dirty nappies to dispose of! The environment will thank you, and your bin man.

Most children are ready for Potty training sometime between their 2nd and 3rd birthdays, though some may be ready as young as 18 months, whilst others may be closer to 4 years old.

It's important to Potty Train before starting School

It’s worth remembering that you want to ensure your child is fully toilet trained before they start school, unlike nurseries, schools are not in a position to change nappies nor deal with their disposal.

FREE Toilet Training Guide 

If you want more information on the Potty Training process itself then it’s worth reading our Day Time Toilet Training Guide but it’s likely it won’t be plain sailing, and that’s where Rewards Charts come in handy.

FREE How to Potty Train/Toilet Train Guide

The Potty Training Rewards chart is an incentive to boost children’s desire to stay dry and keep toilet activity focussed on where it needs to be - the Potty. But it also functions as a way you can monitor your child’s progress to 100% dry weeks.

Not just a Rewards Chart

Just as its name suggests, a potty chart is a calendar that keeps track of your child's potty-training trends, progress, and success. It's also a way for you or your child's caregiver to log bathroom visits and can serve as a reminder of when a potty-training toddler might have to use the bathroom next.

Every day that your child does not have an accident, he or she earns a star or sticker of any kind (or maybe three stars or stickers—this is up to you to decide). Some parents also pair the sticker with a small reward.

For some children, the simple act of earning a sticker and seeing a completed week is reward but if you are struggling to achieve this you way consider adding an extra incentive (may be a trip to the park or something simple) if they complete a full week. It’s important not to make any incentive too great as this can lead to disappointment and problems if they don’t achieve a dry day. For this reason we don’t recommend daily incentives, and for obvious reasons we don’t recommend food based or high value incentives.

 Each week you start over again and, once your child has is consistently staying dry, you can move towards a new goal, for example, moving to training pants, normal underwear or actually using the proper toilet (with a suitable step and seat) and seeing if they can continue to achieve stickers.

FREE Downloadable Potty Training Rewards Chart

FREE Potty Training Rewards Chart

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a free downloadable reward chart which you can complete on a daily basis over a period of weeks. You can download it here

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