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Help! My Boy Keeps Peeing on the Floor!

  • 2 minute read
Help! My Boy Keeps Peeing on the Floor!

Got a problem with boys peeing on the floor in your home? Yup, we totally understand how frustrating that can be. How hard can it be to get the pee into the toilet? Too hard apparently. Yellow puddles on the floor are not only smelly, but they can certainly stain socks too! Not to mention needing to clean up the bathroom at least 400 times a day! Who knew pee could get in so many different places?

Little boy with puddle

It stops now though, as today we’re sharing our top tips on how you can stop your boys (kids and adults) from peeing on the floor.

How to Stop Boys from Peeing on the Floor 

When you’re losing the battle with boys peeing on the floor, it’s time to say enough is enough! Say no to yellow puddles and pee up the walls by following these tips:

  • Teach your son to pee sitting down. Often, little boys, have trouble standing and peeing accurately.
  • If your son struggles to follow instructions, keep him sitting down to pee until he can follow a series of two to three instructions in a row.
  • Check his motor skills, if he struggles to walk or use a pincer grip, he’s not ready to start peeing standing up.
  • Demonstrate by holding your son’s willy and aiming it into the toilet bowl for him.
  • Turn peeing into an aiming game. Use a ping pong ball in the toilet, or draw a picture in the bowl with an indelible marker for him to aim at. He could even have a reward chart for hitting the target!
  • Have a competition between the son and Dad as to who has the best aim.
  • Count the bubbles the pee makes when it hits the toilet water. Can he beat his score from last time?
  • Teach your son to wipe his willy after peeing, to stop those annoying little drips everywhere.
  • If he must ‘squirt’ why not let your son squirt with his willy when he is in the shower so at least you can wash everything down the drain. Not ideal, but it can get it out of his system.

It can be a long processing stopping boys peeing on the floor, but we’re here to help! Come and join our Potty Training Facebook group, and then check out our toilet training articles for more advice and support.