Teenagers! Well we (Brolly Sheets) have finally reached that milestone ourselves.

It feels like we’re all grown up, yet there is still a long way to go yet on our journey.

Can It Really Be 13 Years?

It doesn’t feel like 13 yrs ago when I was struggling with wet Bed Sheets with baby Mia, banging her head on the top bed and thinking there must be a better way…..in fact that was 14 years ago, but it was 13 years ago that we built our very first website, designed a logo, and had started making products and sold them at markets throughout New Zealand. 

Brolly Sheets Wins Awards for Waterproof Absorbent Bed Pads

 Our very first products were the same Brolly Sheets absorbent bed pads that you can still buy today, but with a lot less choice of colours back then. Sales grew to the point where we couldn’t keep up with demand and our first professionally manufactured (ethically of course), arrived on September 2008 and we also did our first professional photoshoot.

Brolly Sheets Website Launches

We launched the www.Brollysheets.co.uk website in November 2008, when we launched in the UK at the London Baby Show, and have been growing our range in the UK ever since, expanding our Bed Protection range to include products for all bedding and mattress needs, and also adding Snazzipants Potty Training Pants to our range in 2014 when we acquired this local company and even more children's products like Car Seat protectors the following year.

 Last year saw us expand the Brolly sheets range even more with the exciting launch of our range of printed designs, Hugs and Kisses, Space and now Dinosaurs.

Like all teenagers we’re feeling all grown up but we’ve got a lot more growing to do!

 Diane Hurford - Brolly Sheets Founder