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Exploring the Brolly Sheets Cotton Mill

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Exploring the Brolly Sheets Cotton Mill
Quality matters to us. It’s one of the reasons why are working with our chosen cotton mill. Yes, we could have chosen to lower our product costs by working with a mill which has lower overheads. Yes, we could have made a bigger profit by doing so.
But we didn’t. We chose to work with our mill, which we’re proud to say is of the top three cotton mills in China. Our recent visit here was amazing, and we’d love to share it with you to help explain why we’ve chosen it for the Brolly Sheets range of cotton fabrics.

Diane visiting the Brolly Sheets cotton mill

We’re Proud to Use One of China’s Top Three Cotton Mills

The process of how cotton got from the bush to the piece of fabric was never considered, until I started Brolly Sheets. Since my visit to the cotton mill, I now know how complicated it can be and am totally awed by it!

Brolly sheets cotton mill

The cotton our products use is made in one of the top three cotton mills in China. It began trading in 1919, then around 15 years ago was moved into purpose built buildings. All the new buildings were designed specifically to house the modern, Swiss made machinery within. The machinery is safe to use, and located in buildings which are large, light and airy.
On our recent visit, our guides were more than happy to show us around. With plenty of space inside the buildings, and well-maintained machinery, we were incredibly impressed.

Guided tour of Brolly Sheets cotton mill

With over 50 million metres of fabric each year in our cotton mill, it’s no wonder the workers have a high level of expertise. It’s this expertise, combined with great working conditions, which have confirmed to us that we have made the right decision in choosing this cotton mill.

We Love Our Chosen Cotton Mill: Here’s Why

It’s important for the Brolly Sheets team that we can provide reassurances to both ourselves and our customers that the people who manufactured our products, also had access to the best machinery and working environments.

Brolly Sheets - one of the top 3 cotton mills in China

With the philosophy of this cotton mill fitting perfectly with our ethos, we’re proud to partner with this mill, and will continue to do so into the future. The provision of exceptional workspaces and even gardens growing produce for the workers lunches reminds us that we made a great decision.

Brolly Sheets cotton mill

Quality matters to us, and that includes not just the quality of our product, but also of the locations they made, and the skills of the people who make them. We’ll never be the cheapest, and that’s something we’re exceptionally proud of.

Diane at the cotton mill for Brolly Sheets